Rev.Sheoli Makara, M.A., Reiki Master founded Awakening In Paradise Retreats in 1996 as an inspirationally beautiful place for life introspection, spiritual advancement, rest and adventure. She chose this spiritually rich environment in Hawaii, which is excellent for contemplation, to expand consciousness of Oneness and well being. She combines her knowledge and expertise in psychology, as a naturalist, a Reiki practitioner and intuitive with a blend of performing and fine arts, humor, healing modalities, mindful spiritual practice and adventures above and below the azure blue Hawaiian waters. The first day or two Sheoli's guests gently gain more awareness of limiting beliefs, behaviors and patterns to transform and release to a more centered place of being. She shares tools for her guests to use after the retreat to continue their process of self empowerment.

Sheoli began her many years of experience with dolphins in the wild in 1983 and shares her knowledge generously. She concurs with many dolphin researchers that the effects dolphins have upon humans are exceptionally beneficial. The combination of Sheoli's work, the dolphin experience and this sacred vortex quickens healing processes mentally, physicaly and emotionally.

In 1992 Sheoli developed her Creative Activation Programs designed to inspire people to reconnect with their creative spirit and integrate creativity into their lives. The empowering benefits from these programs include a stronger self esteem, the ability to surrender limiting beliefs and to turn the fear of expression into the freedom of expression. One of her greatest joys is to introduce people to these retreats and observe as personal miracles occur.

Guest Presenters Have Included the Following Remarkable and Talented Friends:

     Eloiwa DeFrietas is a Minister of Sound and a healing practitioner who will be offering channeled sound healing workshops with her Celtic folk harp for the May 2003 retreat. Eloiwa is devoted to assisting others rememeber their vibrational patterns to allow sound and light to activate their transformation, to heal and expand consciously. Eloiwa participated in an Awakening In Paradise retreat and connected with the dolphins for the first time in March, 2002. From that expanding experience she was inspired to merge her gifts with those of the dolphins and the energies of the Big Island in a retreat format. Eloiwa’s cd release, “Heaven’s Breath”, was created in the spirit of divine miracles and grace. This beautiful recording is an excellent meditation tool and is used by many healing practitioners and group leaders.

Sample Erik's Music

     Erik Berglund is a unique recording artist combining his extraordinary musical talent with years of spiritual discipline creating Angelic music and powerful healing work. He has developed the Elarian System of healing which he has shared in countless private sessions and seminars. Erik has facilitated group energy in conventions, conferences and symposiums weaving the sounds and melodies of his crystalline Irish harp and refined tenor voice. Erik tours throughout the world touching concert audiences and seminar participants on their path to wholeness. Erik's harp is like a living entity. It gathers the momentum and energy from all of the people and places it's been played including sacred power points all over the earth. This harp has been played in Machu Picchu, the Great Pyramid at Giza, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Foz do Iquacu in Brazil, Lake Taupo in New Zealand, Delphi and Delos in Greece, various power points throughout the Yucatan, as well in the United States in Sedona, Stone Mountain, the Grand Teton and Mount Shasta. During the retreats Erik has presented at, his harp and his momentum with the angels connected with the power points on the Big Island of Hawaii and the dolphins. This was a merging of two worlds, the world of the angels with the world of the dolphins.

Patricia Cota-Robles is president of the non-profit educational organization, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc. which sponsors her work and the annual World Congress On Illumination. Patricia is author of eight books and has produced a series of tapes that correspond with each book. She is publisher and editor of the monthly newsletter "Take Charge of Your Life" and has participated in many radio and television programs which explore her work. Patricia was a marriage and family counselor at the Swan Clinic of Natural Healing for 20 years and had her own radio show for 10 years. She has now developed this website that disseminates her work over the Internet, and she networks with hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers throughout the World who are committed to sustainable World Peace and the development of Reverence for ALL Life. Patricia is an internationally known author and teacher. She travels around the World to teach and work with Awakening Lightworkers who are committed to Self-Empowerment, Personal Transformation and Planetary Healing. She has taught workshops in the former Soviet Union, Ireland, England, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada, Greece, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and throughout the United States of America. She participated in the Soviet-American Citizens Summit in Moscow and represented the United States in the category of "Holistic Models in Health, Psychology and Healing." Patricia also participated in the first Global Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The motivating element in all of Patricia's pursuits is her realization that every single person is precious and Divine, regardless of how far his or her behavior patterns and life experiences may be from reflecting that Truth. She knows that we are not the victims of our lives, but the Co-Creators of our lives. Consequently, we have a choice, and we also have the absolute ability to transform our lives into expressions of Love, Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Success, Limitless Abundance and Abounding Joy.

     Charley Thweatt is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, recording artist, and group facilitator. His clear, beautiful voice gently caresses with one song and powerfully calls the soul into action with the next. His workshops take people to places of self discovery and spiritual grace. Charley has toured his music and "Course In Miracles" based seminars around the U.S. and into 14 other countries over the past 17 years. He has recorded several cd’s and performed hundreds of concerts singing his healing songs and playing uplifting instrumentals. Charley has co-presented workshops with many famous leaders in the human potential movement including Alan Cohen, Jerry Jampolsky, Hugh Prather, Ram Dass, Terry Cole-Whitaker, Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Louise Hay, Barry & Joyce Vissell, Mary Manin Morrissey, and Wayne Dyer. Charley is known for his quick wit and lighthearted humor that often causes an avalanche of laughter in groups. He passionately continues to expand through new adventures and stretch into uncharted areas.

Sample Charley's Music

     Dolphins are one of God's most intelligent, beautiful, gentle, yet powerful creatures. Dolphins have been the inspiration for myths, paintings, music, and poetry throughout the ages. They have been the subject of scientific research for decades and are known to be measurably advanced creatures. Many have noticed more balance in their lives and improvements mentally, emotionally and physically after being with dolphins. Helping others and playing appears to bring dolphins great joy which is evidenced by their leaps out of the water, spinning and flipping in the air. Those who swim with dolphins are graced with deeply moving experiences from heightened states of consciousness to pure bliss. 


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