..retreating in a lush tropical paradise and staying in a lovely retreat home just above the shore of the magnificent Kona coast, just minutes from a warm sparkling bay. This is an opportunity to get away from the world to strengthen your spiritual and creative focus, and delve into a healing and introspective adventure in celebration of this life.

...on this grand adventure for a full week in this paradisiacal wonderland. In addition to taking you on aquatic journeys to above and underwater wonders, we hold ceremonies at Hawaiian sacred sanctuaries. We offer group practices designed to expand spiritual consciousness. Our programs are based on you, where you are in your life and where you would like to be. Our daily practices include a combination of meditations, prayer, music, movement, workshops, sacred ceremony, plus psychological and creative activation programs. The empowering benefits of these practcies include developing a stronger sense of self, recognizing our union with all, overcoming limiting beliefs, and turning the fear of expression into the freedom of expression, through the heart in gratitude, compassion and grace.

How are you doing?

This is a common question that we hear several times a day.
Do you answer this question with an automatic reply or with your truth?
Use the following questions as a barometer for where you are in your life.
I suggest you write down your most authentic truth when answering.

How are you?
What is your soul's calling?
How do you support or sabotage your goals/dreams?
How do you show yourself respect?
Whose truth do you tell?
Where in your life does fear still lead you?

The basis of our beliefs and choices are rooted from either love or fear.

When a choice is made from our highest option, our actions serve all.
At the onset of the retreats, we look at past fear-based life choices and non-beneficial inner dialogues, beliefs and patterns. We then learn and practice how to source our truth from within to develop an empowered, love-based foundation. After that, the possibilities are infinite!

Special Services are available during the retreat and include massage therapy, hands on healing sessions, astrological readings, and intuitive counseling sessions. Prices vary depending on the service and practitioner.
This retreat was designed to enhance your life by awakening your heart's desires and to help you find a lasting place of peace within. This is an opportunity to awaken your creative spirit, release emotionally held beliefs and rediscover a joyous balance of empowerment and grace. Here is a place where you can speak your truth. Here our circle will receive you, eyes will light up and voices will sing in celebration. Here is a place where we are all free.

...with us in and around the spleandor of this ancient sacred sanctuary. Here is a gentle, warm turquoise bay where we invite our guests to swim in the same waters as free (non-captive) dolphins, whales and turtles. We provide instruction for your safety and guidance on how to have fulfilling encounters with dolphins, turtles and other sea life while honoring these precious beings and the laws that protect them. In our experience they are curious about us and come near when we are non-agressive and simply radiate our love, trust and playfulness.

"This retreat was the best gift I have ever given myself."
A.B., film technician, Los Angeles

"Thank you again from and with the bottom of my heart for a week filled with many blessings both from you and the dolphins and turtles.... l feel truly blessed... and am sure that choice to be with you was divinely guided."
H.G., massage therapist, Washington State

"I am in charge now from my heart with no more mind guiding me. I feel absolutely wonderful and happy! I know this is just the beginning of a great journey."
L.L., Ontario, Canada

"Now that I learned to live my life from my heart, it is so rich and full of love that life doesn't have the same meaning anymore. And the big bonus is that love has found me too. I now nourish myself with meditation every morning. This keeps me well balanced. I feel that I now go through life with a new meaning."
L.L., Ontario Canada

"Amazing! There I was surrounded by dolphins!
It was so special, communing with these beautiful beings!"
F.H., accountant and parent, New Zealand

"Life is wonderful. I haven't 'come down' from the retreat. You, the dolphins, all the love I felt from everyone filled me so much that I was transported to a new level. Life from this new place is divine."
C.M., Administrative V.P. and parent, Iowa

"I learned so much from this retreat which helped me heal on many levels.
Through my newly expanded heart, I feel renewed."
M.L., business administrator, Oregon

"Thank you for the incredible retreat, Sheoli! I love how you and the dolphins work together to inspire, teach and open the group on many levels. This is my third retreat and I keep going deeper and expanding further each time. Your love, beauty and energy are so inspiring and healing to me."
D.C., entrepreneur, New York

"Magical environment, wonderful people, fascinating tours, great food, deeply moving experiences, fun, playfulness...all this and dolphins, too!"
K.D., broker, California

"Through Sheoli's 'Creative Activation Programs', I discovered ways to express my creativity from a deeper place within. As an artist, the pathways that were shown to me are invaluable in my work."
V.F. artist, San Francisco

"I became lit up from the inside out from this retreat!
I went home healed, rejuvenated, and so happy!"
R.B., professional, Chicago