Reiki Retreats

Upcoming Reiki Level I & II Course
November 22 - 24, 2004

Rev. Sheoli Makara, M.A., has been practicing Reiki since 1992 and received her masters degree in 1995. In 1994 Sheoli opened a Reiki clinic with Reiki Master, Laura Sheehan in Mill Valley, California. This clinic gave level I &II practitioners an opportunity to work on clients consistantly, honing their skills and broadening their experience. The clinic also gave clients who otherwise could not afford traditional and/or naturalpathic medical attention an opportunity to benefit through Reiki touch.
In 1996 Sheoli moved to Mount Shasta, California to expand her spiritual awakening. She opened an office and Reiki treatment center where she also taught Reiki level I &II. During her first year in Mount Shasta her Awakening In Paradise Retreats were born. Awakening In Paradise Retreats
In 2000 Sheoli moved to Hawaii where she offers week long retreats and continues to practice and teach Reiki. Sheoli has continued to grow spiritually and intuitively through her near daily contact with the dolphins and was inspired to incorporate the energy of Reiki with that of the dolphins.

In 2002, Sheoli developed Reiki retreats for people from around the world who were guided to learn Reiki and experience the dolphins and Hawaiian sacred sanctuaries at the same time. Recently, Reiki Masters have become attracted to Awakening In Paradise Retreats as a place to deepen their spiritual awareness, receive attunements and experience the dolphins, Pele's volcano, and the magical above and under water wonderlands.
The retreat format is similar to the already well established retreats. The only difference is the addition of the Reiki classes for Level I & II students and the Reiki masters' course attunements and focus.
Recommended for doctors, nurses, body workers, parents teachers and all those interested in the gentle yet powerfully beneficial results of Reiki.

The Usui System of Universal Life Force Healing System
Hands-On and Long Distance Healing

Includes Reiki Level I & II courses presented as handed down through the Usui lineage, course books and Reiki Level II certificate given upon completion of Level I & II courses. For students attending from off island, lodging can be arranged. Lodging and food costs are additional.

Since the word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, it refers to the energy and not the specific techniques taught by Reiki Masters. The techniques are more properly called the Usui System of Natural Healing after the founder of the system, Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is an effective tool to:

Addresses the cause.
Increase physical, emotional and mental stamina.
Reduce and remove pain.
Amplify the homeostatic response of the body's healing systems.
Respond to accidents, emergencies and crises instantly.
Restore proper mental functioning.
Protect yourself from a nutritionally depleted and often toxic food and water supply.
Protect yourself from negative energy in people and buildings.
Enhance creativity.
Increase experiences of joy and love.
It creates better empathy and intuitive connection with clients.
It reduces rehabilitation time, pain and the need for medication.
In cases of chronic or terminal illness it brings relaxation and comfort.
You will notice more rapid and lasting benefits, with much less effort.
Access the soul's intuition.

Here you will learn the history of Reiki, the Reiki hand positions and about the body signals
that offer the practitioner information that can help in communicating with the client.
You will learn about Reiki meditation, self healing, practicing on others and long distance healing.
You will receive six Reiki attunements at intervals throughout the coarse as well as learn
three of the Reiki symbols.

The Third Degree Reiki Course is available to Reiki Level II practitioners
interested in becoming teachers of Reiki Level I & II.