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Established in 1996 on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii

Sacred Partnership Retreats

Bruce Harman Visions

Sacred Partners is a week-long retreat/seminar for couples
to explore deeper levels their partnership can reach.
Here couples learn and practice conscious communication skills
and constructive feedback techniques. We will practice methods
to increase intimacy mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sacred Partners includes many of the same activities and journeys
as the Awakening In Paradise Retreats the only difference is
the focus is primarily on building sacred partnerships,
whether personal or professional relationships.
We focus on identifying and overcoming all obstacles
that may have come in the way of achieving the clearest,
most fulfilling communication and heart/spirit connection with your partner.
Partners go home with simple and effective tools to maintain
and further develop their relationships based on the truth,
love, appreciation, acknowledgement, clear intentions,
and build a stronger foundation for their union.



Phone: 808-328-2082

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